Artists Impression

Artists Impression

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Maybe I can become an Olympian?

But then again, maybe I can't. I'm sat here watching the highlights of this slightly absurd Olympics and thinking that these guys are the nuts. Why did I stop riding bikes when I was nine? I am sure I would have something to offer by now.

It has been an interesting few days to say the least. After a nice relaxing holiday I came back and tried to pick up where I left off with the running. This was perhaps not my smartest move. Barely 45 minutes in to my run my right knee went and I could barely get round Richmond Park....and my sense of humour failed.

On Monday I had some orthotics made for my shoes by the London Orthotic Consultancy and this evening I was beaten to a pulp by a psysio. All this leaves me, hopefully, better equipped for September 28th...and considerably poorer I might also add!

I am just realising now how hard all this actually is, which was kind of the point. Must keep going, quitting is for the weak - just ask Tim Don

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