Artists Impression

Artists Impression

Sunday, 22 June 2008

A Curry above the rest

Hello all, and firstly welcome to my blog. Here you will find details of my preparation for The Everest Test 2009, how I am raising money, organising myself and generally getting along.

My name is Alan Curr(aka Curry) and while I do intend to eat a curry at Everest Base Camp, this is not my sole reason for going there, merely a bonus.

"So what on earth are you doing," I hear you ask. Now that is a good question. I am going to Mount Everest for a cricket match. Unusual, yes. Record breaking, yes, life changing....I hope so. I could go on about the event itself but all that info can be found at - where I also contribute.

So who am I? Well, I am currently an out of shape 27-year-old who quite fancies an adventure, and perhaps needs one to provide the long missing kick up the arse to get into shape and do something meaningful.

A minimum requirement for this event is to raise £1500 on my own for two charities, Comic Relief and The Himalayan Trust - more on those in future posts, and more on how I intend to do so as well.

Quite frankly it's about time I actually gave something to those less fortunate than myself and I would rather give to something I believe in than be guilt-tripped into it by one of those people on the street who try to tempt you in with lines like: "What's one less pint a month to you eh?"

Right, I intend to keep these things short, partly because I doubt anyone will read them and partly because I'm pretty sure there must be some sport on TV for me to watch.

So farewell for now, do come back soon and see how I'm getting on. Once we have a system set up for donating money I shall put that somewhere on here in big glowing letters so you can all give away some of your hard earned cash to a great cause.

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